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The Department of Cultural Affairs under Taipei City Government has been selecting “Taipei Distinguished Performing Arts Groups” since 2009 in line with Ministry of Culture’s “Grants for Categorized Performance Groups” to encourage performing art groups to improve management and elevate its creative potential. Since 2017, we have adjusted our grants policy, encouraging all groups to produce new shows (including brand new shows or modified old shows), actively promote domestic and international city exchanges, and improve the international visibility of outstanding groups of Taipei. Performing art groups that have been registered with the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs for over one year and are engaged in “music, dance, traditional opera, modern drama” categories can apply according to the “Taipei Distinguished Performing Arts Group Selection and Award Program.”

Distinguished Performing Arts Group Selection and Awards Program

Taipei City Distinguished Performing Arts Group Selection and Awards Program
1. The Department of Cultural Affairs under the Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as the Department) mapped out this program to encourage the city’s outstanding performing arts groups to develop distinctive features and professionalism so that they can participate in important events at home and abroad. The program is in line with the Ministry of Culture’s similar program governing all cities, counties and special Executive Yuan-governed municipalities.

2. The term “performing arts group” refers to performing arts groups registered with the Department. They must engage in music, dance, traditional opera and modern drama and have records of public performances or other related activities.

3. Basic qualifications for awards:
(1) Registered in Taipei City for over one year.
(2) Annual program includes the production of new programs or professional talents as resident directors.
(3) At least two or more shows in the city each year.
(4) With full-time administrative staff or members.

4. Qualifications for priority for awards:
(1) Outstanding performance, with distinct local colors worth promoting in other counties, cities or overseas.
(2) Special performance in creating legacy or artistic creation potential.
(3) Has a solid organization with an administrative team and a sound finance structure.
(4) Rich in artistic creation potential and has viable long-term training and performance programs.

5. Any of the following conditions would disqualify an applicant:
(1) Less than a year after registration with the Department.
(2) Already on the Ministry of Culture awards list in the same year.
(3) Program applied has already received grants from National Culture and Arts Foundation or Ministry of Culture agencies.
(4) Groups owned by government agencies, state- or private-run corporations, schools or their affiliated institutions.
(5) Underperforming groups that failed previous grants or assistance given by the government.
(6) Has had clear evidence of violating the law or the public order and morality in the past two years before application.

6. The funds required for the implementation of this program are budgeted by the Department, which will submit the budget to the Ministry of Culture for approval and allocation. According to the government’s financial situation, the number of the award-winning groups and the amount of award money is subject to change at the discretion of a review board in the Department. The upper limit is four groups each year. There may be no winner in some categories.

7. Applying groups should fill out an application form and submit it to the Department before the announced deadline. Application is limited to once each year. Please check the Department’s official website for the application period for each year.

8. The review process is as follows:
(1) Initial review: The written material is reviewed by the Department. Missing or incorrect material can be amended in seven days. Late submission is disqualified.
(2) Formal review:
a. The Bureau invites five to nine scholars and experts from relevant fields to form a review committee. The external committee members are experts or scholars in related fields such as creative performance, art administration, aesthetics, business management, art marketing, or performing art observation.
b. The applying group is required to make a presentation to the review committee and answer questions by the committee members. The Department will notify the group in writing or by email about the exact date of the review meeting.
The main points to be reviewed are as follows:
(1) Group structure, business development ideas, program execution ability and creativity.
(2) Project Content (group’s self-improvement program: it should include concrete measures to improve and enhance group’s professional performance, creation and administrative operations.)
(3) Whether the fund request program is reasonable.
(4) Other items (including audio and video material of performance, presentation and answers to questions).

9. In order to review the applications, the Department sets up a review committee. The Department’s accounting and related business offices may attend the review meetings.

10. The award period for a distinguished group is one year. A group can file another application in the following year and go through the review process again. One group can only receive continuous awards for three years and will not be allowed to apply a fourth time.

11. The Department may send the top group of one or more of the four categories (music, dance, traditional opera, modern drama) to participate in national level competitions held by the Ministry of Culture. The winner of each category will become part of “Grants for Categorized Performance Groups” program subsidized by the Ministry of Culture. Check with the Ministry of Culture for details of such contests.

12. The Department has priority in recommending the selected distinguished groups to participate in city-related international exchange activities, Taipei Arts Festival performances and the Department’s “Culture in the Alley” event series. Also, they are obligated to participate in the Department’s “Distinguished Performing Arts Group Forum” as well as assistance and training programs. Details of such activities will be arranged separately.

and Awards Program

2019 Taipei City Distinguished Performing Arts Group Selection and Awards Program

  • Application period: December 21, 2018 (Fri.) – February 15, 2019 (Fri.)
  • Qualifications: Performing arts groups in music, dance, traditional opera, and modern drama that have been registered with the Department of Cultural Affairs under Taipei City Government for over one year.
  • Program duration: from the date of verification to November 15, 2019
  • Total subsidy amount: NT$3 million to 3.6 million (adjustable according to funding by Ministry of Culture)
  • Awarded groups: up to 4 groups. There may be no winner in certain categories.

For more information, please see Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs official website (Home/Arts Grants/ Taipei City Distinguished Performing Arts Group Selection and Awards Program)

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