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Taipei Dance Circle (2016 Outstanding Troupe)
Founded in: March 1984
Performance type: dance
Contact person: Leader / Yang Wan-jung
Contact phone number: (02) 2893-0061
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Contact address: 8th Floor, #39, Dingliao 2nd Street, Bali District, New Taipei City 249

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Group Intro

The group was founded in 1984 by choreographer Liu Shaw-lu and his wife Yang Wan-jung, also a dance teacher. The mission of the dance company is to create a new dance style for the new century and find a unique “Tao of Dance.” They perform and create new works every year. Innovation and permanent operation are its central spirit, and they have accumulated considerable experience and works over the years.

It also nurtures talents in choreography and performing, and promote the art of dance to attract more art-loving people. They use the Internet to build a platform for promotion, marketing and education based on its works over the past three decades and its ongoing projects. They look forward to continue creating works relating to its motherland – Taiwan – while making ourselves an international dance company that comes from Taiwan.

Group Leader Intro

Liu Shaw-lu

Art Director

Liu was the founder and choreographer of Taipei Dance Circle. He was born in a farmer’s family in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and died in Sept. 2014.

He graduated from National Taiwan Normal University, and got his Master of Dance degree from New York University (NYU) and Master of Arts degree from Tisch School of the Arts. He was enlightened by Professor Liu Feng-shueh and started a career in dance. Later, he was inspired by Master Lin Hwai-min and became a founding member of the Cloud Gate dance company.

Using baby oil in his works was his trademark, making Taipei Dance Circle a unique presence in the modern dance world and is also our asset when going international. In 1990, NY Times critics called his “Mediation between Heaven and Earth,” premiered in New York, “simple but profound.” In 1993, his original baby oil dance “Roaming the Earth” earned him a high status in the international modern dance scene.

We present new works every year since our establishment 30 years ago, and the creative energy never seems to run out. To avoid Liu’s accumulated experience, know-how and achievements over the years from disappearing, we launched the “Dance of Hearts – Liu Shaw-lu’s 30-year Digital Retrospective,” hoping to revive, perpetuate, and transform Liu’s personal experience and works into public assets of culture and art.

Major Performances or Productions

"Floating Horizons" Dancing on the Oil × choreographer Yu Cheng-jie

Yu Cheng-jie, a young expatriate Taiwanese choreographer in the U.S., invited four excellent dancers and Xiao Ling-feng, who had been immersed in baby oil dance for a long time, to use different body memories to collide and absorb each other and to create new sparks in concepts, media and vocabulary. With Liu Shaw-lu’s original “Modern Dance on Baby Oil”, the transparent floor covered with oil symbolized the floating of the “horizon.” Space, location, and perspectives were reversed and rearranged to seek innovation of “body-on-oil landscape.“

"Golden Age - Calling on the Oil“

Four dancers – Chen Ying-hao, Yao Kai-lei, Xiao Ling-feng and Wang Xian-bin – created a sequence of dances. This form of programming was our first try. The four dancers soaked in baby-oiled floor for a long time, breathing and talking with it. Thus they explored life and interpersonal relationships. The program appeared to be a “departure” of creation: the call from the original point, both unrestrained and splendid, reflects the modern dance on baby oil, looking forward to the golden age of innovation from the base of classics.


Liu Shaw-lu used to be a gymnast and swimmer. This background promoted the natural development of “Olympic” via the interface of baby oil. The program originated from the works of the seven dancers “playing” in baby oil, showing mainly body movements. Two dances, “Bloom” and “Shuttle,” were modified during the re-rehearsal. In addition to simulating various sports on the Olympic Arena, the special aesthetics and life purposes implicated by the unique body movements was Liu’s idea of “Olympic,” i.e., the interweaving power and the beauty in life.

Recent Domestic and Overseas Performances

2017 “Floating Horizons” National Theatre, Experimental Theater
2016 “Golden Age” National Theatre, Experimental Theater
2015 “Listening to Dance” National Theatre, Experimental Theater
2013 “Dance Wheel” Sound Wave Dance Meets 30, National Theatre, Experimental Theater
2013 “Spin with Wind” National Theatre, Experimental Theater

2016 “Child in Water” Sibu International Dance Festival Malaysia
2006 “Olympic” Canada
2006 “Olympic” Poland
2006 “Olympic” Guangzhou
2006 “Waters 70%” U.S.


Major Events This Year

Currently in recess. No plan for this year.

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