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TTC Dance (2014 Outstanding Troupe)
Founded in : October 3, 2012
Type of performance : Dance
Contact person: Administrator / Jiang Yan
Contact phone number: 0983-666063
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Contact address: 4th Floor, No. 73, Section 2, Zhonghua Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 10065

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Group Intro

Established in 2012, TTC Dance began presenting original works at home and abroad, at venues such as Avignon, Guangzhou, Houston, Kaohsiung, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, St. Louis, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, and Xi’an.

TTC Dance explores the delicate interaction among movements, feelings, and imagination. It continually experiments with the fusion of Eastern and Western human aesthetics and dance theater through inter- and cross-disciplinary collaboration with different artists and art forms.
As a four year recipient of the Ministry of Culture NCAF grant for developing art groups (2016-2019), TTC Dance was also recognized as a Distinguished Group by the Taipei City Government in 2014. It looks to further cultivate its creative energy, and to develop itself as an international company that excels in quality choreography and inspiring performances.

Group Leader Intro

Chang Ting-ting

Art Director, Choreographer
International choreographer, Art Director of TTC Dance.

Ting-Ting Chang is a unique artist that excels in both choreography and academic research, producing works in dance, drama and multimedia interdisciplinary works. She was a two-time winner of the Choreography Festival at McCallum Theatre, and an international choreographer in residence with the American Dance Festival. She received an Andrew Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow in dance at Washington University in St. Louis, and also has a PhD in Dance from University of California Riverside, a MFA from University of California, Irvine, and a BA from UCLA. Her commissioned work was a Silver Award winner of China’s 8th Lotus Cup, and she was also nominated for the Taishin Arts Award. In recent years, she has been a resident choreographer at Texas Woman’s University and University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a key administrator of ADF in Henan, China, and a dance consultant for Taipei Symphony Orchestra’s Eugene Onegin. She has also been able to identify and gather emerging young artists from around the world to present their works in her Dance Round Table project in Taipei. Her research focused on contemporary dance in Asia and cross-cultural performance, and her interests included post colonialism, diaspora study, cultural identity and globalization. She has presented her papers in Association for Asian Studies, Congress on Research in Dance, World Dance Alliance, and Hong Kong Dance Festival, showing her perfect balance in academic research and artistic creativity.

Major Performances or Productions

“Cabinets 3”

As a part of the Dance Technology Theater, Cabinets 3 utilizes a large L-shaped projection screen on stage to symbolize the private spaces of cabinets. Dancers interact with images projected on stage, moving through and around the light projections. The fluid movements contrast with the interactive projection and motion capture technology, creating an experimental dialogue between the bodies and technology.

"Déjà vu"

Imaging the stage as a time machine for the mind, Déjà vu examines its constant shifting between the conscious and the subconscious. The intricate human relationships are explored, revealing the most private spaces of the minds, and reconstructing what is seen and unseen in the memory.

“2015 Persistence of Memory”

The Grand Award winner of the 2016 McCallum Theatre International Choreography Festival, Chang conceptualized the piece with dance and painting, emphasizing on the aesthetics of moving sculptures, and reimaging the symbolism of Salvador Dali’s drawers and Sigmund Freud’s theories of unconscious and sexuality. As containers of secrets, the cabinets symbolizes the hidden corners of our minds. As dancers move with the cabinets on stage, the body vocabulary illustrates the passage of time and memory, constructing imagined space that only exist between the real and the surreal.

Recent Domestic and Overseas Performances

2018 Dance Round Table, NTCH Experimental Theater
2017 Cabinets 3, NTCH Experimental Theater
2017 Persistence of Memory, Taitung Arts Festival, Taitung County Performance Hall
2017 Persistence of Memory, World Stage Design, Taipei National University of the Arts Performing Arts Center
2017 Cabinet Athropomorphique + Dripping, NTCH Experimental Theater

2018 Persistence of Memory, United States Tour
2018 Déjà vu Avignon Off Festival, France
2018 No Turning Back, By Yi-En Chen, Hong Kong Dance Exchange
2017 Persistence of Memory, Spain
2017 Déjà vu, American Dance Guild 60th Anniversary


Major Events This Year

“Twin City Chronicle: Taipei X Penang”

Time: 2019/09/06-2019/09/08
Venue: Experimental Theater, National Theater and Concert Hall

Conceptualized by Art Director Ting-Ting Chang, the 2019 production of Twin City Chronicle: Taipei X Penang comes after the successful tour of Déjà vu at the 2018 Avignon Off Festival and the award winning Persistence of Memory at the 2016 McCallum Theatre International Choreography Festival. This will be the first in a series to explore the complex interrelations of life, cities, and globalization.


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