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Image in Motion Theater (2009 Outstanding Troupe)
Founded in: 2000
Performance Type: Multimedia Theater
Contact person: Administrative Manager / Zhang Ya-han
Contact phone number: (02) 2772-8528
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Contact address: 12th Floor, No. 25, Section 4, Renai Road, Daan District, Taipei City 106

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Group Intro

The group was founded in 2000 by Leader / Art Director Chen Yao and Producer / Chief Director Chen Qi, hoping to combine years of study in special effects and international experiences of art creation and curating. Its shows integrate animation, audio-visual, performance and other arts. It cooperates with talents in various fields in different productions, actively exploring the possibilities of combining technology with artistic creation, transforming dreams into reality, and creating a new vision for performing art.

The name “Image in Motion” means using images on stage as well as combining video and dance performance. It keeps exploring the infinite creativity and cross-over collaboration in multimedia theater and have had many successful crossover shows. They hope to continue experimenting with multimedia to reach new heights in multimedia/performing art integration, realize the dream of technological art step by step, and inspire the infinite future of many-faceted creative artists.

Group Leader Intro

Chen Yao

She was the art director at the Creative Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute from 2009 to 2013. Her main commitment was to explore the possibilities of compatibility between scientific R&D and art performance and create a blueprint for such design experience. She was also a guest associate professor teaching graduate school courses related to dance, technology and audio-video at the Taipei National University of the Arts.

Chen personally experienced the flourishing development of Hollywood special effects movies in the 1990s by participating in and led more than a dozen Hollywood movies as animation director, art director, digital special effects design director, project director, and production unit head.

She takes special interest in taking the audience to fly in the imaginary space through the combination of various movements and sounds, having engaged in computer animation and digital film special effects design and production for more than two decades. She founded Image in Motion in order to explore the possibility of applying image technology to artistic creation, and to develop a storytelling method that integrates different applications. Visual artists, animation, performance artists, choreographers and engineers were assembled to develop and review the possibilities of different links between multimedia images and performing arts as well as the development of related applications.

Major Performances or Productions

"2014 Franz and Friends’ Voyage Undersea" - 3D fantasy dance

“Franz and Friends’ Voyage Undersea” was produced by Image in Motion Theater, the creator of the first show in the Shanghai World Expo, and supervised by Taipei Arts International Association. The team started from scratch with the story, the production, and the performance. 3D animation, special movie effects, and puppets are used to ingeniously combine artistic imagination, high-tech techniques, and environmental education concepts. A beautiful underwater kingdom and fantasy adventures were forged with virtual reality and live performance.


The 2008 production featured two impromptu dancers, a single-bit music DJ, and a two-bit VJ, all of whom created an unprecedented improvised performance together with their own expertise. They took on a challenge of a show with no set script. At the same time, they talked to one another through dance, music, and video elements to convey messages that were created onstage. The chemistry and creativity among the performers were amazing. They had to make constant adjustments to manipulate the atmosphere. The show was not only a fully improvised performance, but also an ultimate challenge for all the performers’ expertise.

"@dream " – 2003 fantasy music dance theater

The show was directed by international animation director Chen Yao, who successfully combined talents in Taiwan’s performing arts and technology to create a highly creative art and high-tech multimedia animation theater. The show combined movies, live dance, drama, music, multimedia effects with 3D animation to thicken the plot of wealth, flying, ideals, first love, and amazement. The theater was transformed into a cloudy bed of dreams, allowing the audience to experience the fantasy of dreams.

Recent Domestic and Overseas Performances

2017 A rhapsody of projection mapping “Memory under the banyan tree” WeiWuYing National Kaohsiung Center
2014 3D fantasy musical “Franz and Friends’ Voyage Undersea” Taiwan Tour
2008 Full impromptu multimedia dance theater ” CHANCEFORMATION of life” WeiWuYing National Kaohsiung Center, Huashan 1914 Creative Park
2006 Chinese pop musical “In Love With Carmen” Taipei Arena
2005 Outdoor Mobile Device Theater “Wind and Clouds Catcher” National Performing Arts Center Square Art Festival

2010 “City Window” Shanghai World Expo Theme Show Shanghai
2006 Impromptu image dance creation “Chanceformation” U.S.
2005 Fantasy music dance theater “@梦” Shanghai
2003 Fantasy music dance theater “@梦” Beijing, Tianjin
2002 “Dilatation” U.S.


Major Events This Year

“Franz and Friends’ Voyage Undersea” - Japanese language version

Time: Second half of 2019
Venue: Japan Tour

The deep sea world is unexpectedly beautiful and colorful. Young Dr. Franz from Planet Sweet crosses the universe to Earth to investigate the strange phenomenon of discoloration of the Earth’s ocean. He befriends Xiaokai, Sugar, Jack, and Dongdong. The five of them form an expedition to bravely go into the mysterious underwater world and embark on a wonderful adventure.



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