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Jade Dance Theatre (2018 Outstanding Troupe)
Founded in: 1997
Type of performance: modern dance
Contact person: Assistant / Wu,Pei-Tzu
Contact phone number: (02) 2891-9320
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Contact address: No. 71, Kaiming Street, Beitou District, Taipei, 11255 (New Beitou 71 Park)

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Group Intro

The group was founded in 1997. Its work combine tradition and modernity as it strives for keeping the legacy of traditional culture alive in modern society and using body aesthetics to give spiritual adjustment and comfort to the performers and the audience alike. Under the leadership of art director Hua Bi-yu, they have performed in Europe and South America, Canada, Japan, and Korea for many times and received great acclaim, including a four-star review by Scotland’s largest independent cultural magazine “The Skinny.”

The group has been awarded grants from the Ministry of Culture several times and was chosen Taipei’s distinguished performing group in 2018. Its goal is to become an all-around performance group. It provide a platform for young choreographers to launch “Youth Field” that reflects current social issues to aim for a bigger audience. They want to win the hearts of the general public with small but exquisite productions.


Group Leader Intro

Hua Bi-yu

Art Director

She is currently leader, art director, and choreographer of Jade Dance Theatre. She has an MFA degree from Fo Guang University and a BA degree from National Taiwan University of the Arts (formerly National College of the Arts).

She is committed to martial arts and body movements, hoping to bring modern thinking to classical dance and broaden the horizon. “Circle” is the center of movements of the eyes, the hands and the body, which blends the soft and restrained body language of the East with relatively freer skills of the West. Emphasizing the thinking and continuation of “long”, the body is freer and not restricted to traditional body movements. Tradition and innovation get the best annotation. In recent years she has been advocating a unique body aesthetics – Slow Movement .

Major Performances or Productions

“Crescent Lake ll”

“Dunhuang Revisited” was the theme of the dance. There were sounds of camel bells and sand on the dark stage. The crescent moon was represented by dance and rhythm, evoking the images of remote Dunhuang in the minds of the audience, who were led into the serenity of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas in the world of Dunhuang and the feel the call of deja vu.

"iShade" – Jade Dance Theatre 2015 Dancing Dreams Series

The group invited promising new-generation choreographers Xu Wei-ling and Lin Xiao-de to create the show, hoping to show different aspects of dance again through their eyes. Two words, two people, two combinations, two works, two types of body language together showed the face of the current society: Xiao-de danced the “appearance” to look for the truth; Xiao-wei experimented “Blindfold” in a limited perspective. They “saw” and “experience” with their hearts.

"Eggs of Blessing”

This dramatized dance was themed with traditional Taiwanese customs and classic Taiwanese folk songs, conveying the joy of the unique Taiwanese celebration of a baby’s one-month-old celebration. Everyone was taken back to the old days, into the courtyard of a three-section compound, and to a carefree childhood. Happy family elders share the eggs dyed red, which symbolize luck and fortune, with their neighbors to celebrate new life. The dancers became the red eggs rolling in the gift basket, passing down happiness generation after generation.

Recent Domestic and Overseas Performances

2018 ” Crescent Lake ll ” NTUA Performance Hall
2018 ” Crescent Lake ” 2018 Taipei Traditional Art Season, Taipei Jhungshan Auditorium
2017 “To Grin Like A Cheshire Cat”  Taipei Wellspring Theater
2016 ” Crescent Lake ” Ministry of Culture Performing Arts and Technology Cross-over Creation
2016 “ Eggs of Blessing ” Taipei Children’s Art Festival, Neihu Administrative Center Lecture Hall
2016 “ Eggs of Blessing ” Cheng Shiu Art Festival, Cheng Shiu University of Science and Technology Humanities Building

2018 “Beijing New Dance Art Festival” Repertory Workshop, Slow Movement Therapy Workshop and Taiwan Dance Lectures, Beijing
2017 “iShade” Black Box in the city of Plovdiv , Bulgaria
2015 “Egg of Blessing” TAIWANfest, Canada
2014 “Egg of Blessing”Edinburgh International Festival , Britain


Major Events This Year

Annual production "Love Poems of Tsangyang Gyatso”

Time: 2019/9/13-9/14
Venue: Taipei Jhungshan Auditorium

“The world is not perfect / Fail neither Buddha nor you.” Tshangs Dbyangs Rgya Mtsho, the Sixth Lama, was the most prolific love-poem writer among all the reincarnated lama. The romantic encounter was presented through the body language of the dancers and a bard that narrated between dances.



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