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Chang Dance Theater (2017、2015 Outstanding Troupe)
Founded in: 2011
Type of performance : Dance
Contact person: Leader / Chang Chien Kuei
Contact phone number: 0920-062-727
Email address:
Contact address: 9th Floor, No. 63, Dingliao 2nd Street, Bali District, New Taipei City 24946

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Group Intro

The group was established in 2011 by four Chang brothers, each with different opinions and resumes on dance. Being children born in the same family, each Chang has a different body build carrying different ideas. Nevertheless, the four brothers are willing to face the subject of dance together, and the dance troupe became an open family gathering place.

So far, they have been diligently conducting campus lecture tours, promoting dance art, cultivating students’ artistic sense. They hope to give students a chance to get in touch with the world of dance, or to learn about the different aspects of experience in the field. They invite and assemble different creative dancers and artists to create art, especially performing art, and the mission of cross-field cooperation through its annual productions.

Group Leader Intro

Chang Chien-kuei

Leader and Executive Director

Chang was graduated from the Department of Dance at the National Taipei University of Arts. He was the winner of Ministry of Culture’s “Annual Grand Prize” and “Excellence” awards in 2011 and 2012. He received grants from Cloud Gate’s Lo Man Fei Scholarship for creating new works in 2012 and 2013.

In 2011, he established Chang Dance Theater with his three brothers. He was invited to perform his own works in Madison, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, Singapore, and Guangzhou. In addition, he has been selected by the Ministry of Culture for many times to represent Taiwan to perform in international cultural exchange activities and art festivals.

As a new generation art group, it hopes that audiences in all corners of Taiwan can afford to enjoy wonderful international level performances. Therefore, in addition to official ticket-selling shows, they put up various small free performances or demonstrations to engage in cultural exchanges with local audiences to experience the beauty of art together.

Major Performances or Productions

The work talks about family, intimacy, trust, home and memory. In the process, many questions are raised: how close are we to those who grew up together? How are we defined? Is it education? Or is it the habits when we were children? The work also talks about our identity as a social entity and how we interpret everything we see and hear in different ways. The dancers’ movements reveal the inner music and color, accompanied by mind-blowing body language that expounds the personal memory of the dancers’ lives.

Recent Domestic and Overseas Performances

2018 “BON 4 BON” Keelung Culture Bureau “Tides of Keelung,” Keelung Cultural Center
2017 “BON 4 BON” Taiwan Tour
2016 “String” Taipei, Kaohsiung Tour
2015 “Heartbeat” Taipei, Changhua tour
2015 “Dance Competition Awards Ceremony” New Taipei City Arts and Culture Center

2018 “BON 4 BON” Hong Kong Dance Company – 8th Floor Platform, Hong Kong
2018 “Edinburgh Festival Fringe Taiwan Season” Britain
2018 “Ministry of Culture Lapis Lazuli Project” Cultural Exchange Grant for West Asia and South Asia, Palestine
2014 “Fabrication” Spain
2014 “Festival d’Avignon” France

Major Events This Year


Time: to be announced soon
Venue: Umay Theatre, Huashan 1914 Creative Park

The inspiration came after watching a boxing match. In the boxing ring, the relationship of the two fighters is of offense and defense, and their relationship to the third party – the referee – is arbitration. The positioning, distance and thinking are constantly changing among the three, which can be interpreted as interpersonal relationships and status that can be presented with dance. The “boundary” describes each person’s location and a safe distance, defining the relationship between two or three people, conflicts and dialogues included. “BOUT” is a work written by Chang Chien Hao in 2019. It is performed by himself and three younger brothers – Chang Chien Chih, Chang Chien Kuei, and Chang He Chien.

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