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BodyEDT (2017、2010 Outstanding Troupe)
Founded in: June 28, 2000
Type of performance: modern dance
Contact person: Dance Team Manager / Wu Pin-yi
Contact phone number: (02) 2891-7718
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Contact address: Room A304, #71, Kaiming Street, Beitou District, Taipei 112

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Group Intro

The group was founded in 2000 by Lee Ming-cheng, who just returned to Taiwan from New York. Lee insists on his vision of exercising performing art with the concept of artistic creation, and he is committed to promoting dance culture and art. His works cover issues of life, society, humanity and cultural reflection. They are based on the perception construction of space and the recognition of highly visual theaters, break the old framework and have a distinct style.

“93 City.Data” (2004), with unique aesthetics of the East, was reviewed by “Tai Shin Art Award” as “having unique meanings in form and concept and showing professional production quality,” and has won numerous awards and invitations to perform at home and abroad.

Group Leader Intro

Lee Ming-cheng

Art Director, Choreographer

Lee has an MFA from Taipei National University of the Arts, majoring in choreography. His creative mainstay is “flying in a world without restraints with wings of freedom.” He thinks that creation is like a mirror that makes you see yourself. He is building a creative platform that uses the body to think, embody, and exist, and its unrestricted multimedia nature offers different perspectives for physical performance.

He received a full scholarship to study in New York University on recommendation by Lin Hwai-min. He founded BodyEDT after he returned to Taiwan as Art Director/Art Creator, thus launching his career. He has presented over a dozen full-length works and has been invited to perform overseas in Singapore Arts Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and Musée du quai Branly in France.

His works which have won or been nominated for awards include 1) “Shi Dao’s Dream”: National Performing Arts Center Plaza Art Festival; 2) “93 City Data”: nominated for Tai Shin Art Award; 3) “Red Zone – digital”: nominated for the Taipei Digital Art Award; and 4) “The Bubbles 2” and “Mr. R”: selected to participate in the creative arts cross-over project of the Performing Arts by the Ministry of Culture.

Major Performances or Productions

"Mr. R - Runner of Time”

The show has been repeatedly invited by international promoters and won critical acclaim. Art Director Lee Ming-cheng created the “Mr. Rabbit” character in this series as “Mr.R,” who could be oneself or every individual that observes and explore the world from a non-human perspective. The show ponders on identity, dream, and seeing oneself in the social context. You and me are runners in life – running, pausing, searching in the circle of life. No one can make time stay. We can only watch it pass. On the stage, the shadow chased the light and chased the countdown, as if it was all a dream.


EDI (Edit, Definition, Identify) was a cross-over dance featuring power suspension system on a two-sided stage. The spatial relationship between the suspension power system and the dancers symbolized inquiry of the heart, sometimes alienated and indifferent to the dialogue. The bodies of the dancers on the stage deconstructed the part of the body as the base point, i.e., number. This dance was a random and logical construction process of numbers and sequences. Through the disassembly, combination, reproduction, and resetting of the body, the space weaving of the body sequence was displayed, and the serial vision of the carrier was expressed.


In contemporary society, there are many phenomena of distortion and deformation, and the anomalies hidden in these phenomena deserve our consideration and attention. The creator used Utopia as a theme, but actually was implying the fact that there was no Utopia. The moral: everyone has a Utopia in their hearts, but is it real?

Recent Domestic and Overseas Performances

2018 “EDI” Taipei Wellspring Theater
2018 “2018 Taiwan/Korean International Co-production Project” Taipei Wellspring Theater
2017 “Taiwan/American International Co-production” National Theatre Experimental Theater
2015 “Documentary cross border @ Taipei-Taiwan/Japan/Singapore” Taipei Guling St. Small Theater

2018 “Mr. Rabbit – Runner of Time” 2018 Dance Festival Guangzhou
2014 “Mr.R” Avignon Art Festival France
2017 “Harmony or Disharmony” Korea Incheon International Dance Festival, Korea
2016 “The Door” Seoul WDA World Dance Federation, Korea
2016 “The Arrival of Departure” U.S.


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