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Story Works (2017、2016 Outstanding Troupe)
Founded on: Dec. 31, 2013
Type of performance: Stage plays
Contact person: Marketing Manager Peng Ziyun
Contact phone number: (02)2911-5600
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Address: (23144) B1, No. 94, Baozhong Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City

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Group Intro

Story Works was founded in 2013 to perform original theatrical works, train professional theatrical talents, enhance theatrical education, help develop the dreamland for cultural and creative industries, and create the environment for interactive theater, hoping to bring nutrients for life to every corner in Taiwan through one after another good story.

So far, Story Works has released eight works, namely Don Quixote, Three Storytellers, It Is Hard to Disclose, The Way of Zhuang Zi, The Fairy Tale of K, The Voice Hunter, The Long Goodbye and Sakurako’s Choice, and the 269 performances presented attracted over 159,000 audiences. The group was given funding by the National Culture and Arts Foundation in 2018 for its outstanding performance and also selected as an distinguished troupe in Taipei City both in 2017 and 2016.

Group Leader Intro

Lin Jia-feng

Founder and CEO

Mr. Lin has an EMBA from National Chengchi University and is currently the chairperson of the Performing Arts Alliance.

When serving as the deputy director of National Taichung Theater responsible for organizing openings and promoting business operations, he planned and executed more than 1,900 performances and insisted on allowing young people to talk about their dreams.

Having engaged in performing arts for more than 26 years, he is convinced the feelings between people are the most important elements in theater. In recent years, his effort has been focused on modern theater management promotion and management mode innovation; he hopes to create a stage able to tell stories for performing arts to continue and grow.

Huang Zhi-kai

Mr. Huang graduated from the Department of Drama and Theatre of National Taiwan University and was a disciple of Li Guoxiu. On the day after Ping Fong Acting Troupe was disbanded in Dec. 2013, Story Works was formed. Presently, he is the art director and concurrently serves as the playwright and director.

He likes to look at life through distorting mirrors and sees theater as a kaleidoscope. Stressing the importance of stage image management, he is good at pushing characters to the cliff of the plot to express human value and emotions and also enjoys using the language of the audience to kid about “popularity” and communicate with society. “Changing the world to the way we like it” is his motto.

Major Performances or Productions

“The Long Goodbye” – a love letter to the family

The play is an adaptation from the warm and humorous essay collection of the same title by Luo Yijun, an important Chinese writer. The story tells about how a novelist writes to record the growth of his little son. Many years later, the novelist gets dementia gradually and the only thing he remembers is what he has written. The little son who left home to work in another town for many years returns and tries to adapt to living with his father again. While reading the recorded events to his father to slow down the speed of memory loss, he also gives himself a precious lesson about life.

“The Way of Zhuang Zi”

Presently popular games of escape the chamber are consolidated and typical “chamber” elements are placed on stage to increase the feeling of suspense. Human nature is presented in the show. Attracted by the high prize, six contestants who do not know one another are willing to step into the chamber which is a symbol of spatial confinement and also corresponds to the self-limitation in the minds of the contestants. The entire play is an epitome of society. As the life stories of the six contestants are disclosed step by step, the real meaning of the show also becomes clear: Life is a game of chamber escape!

“Sakurako’s Choice”

This is an adaptation from “One Night Bride: a Legend at the Wang Feng Pavilion” by writer Wang Qiongling. As Xiaomei, a college student, continues to ask her great grandmother about the origin of the shiromuku, the pure white Japanese wedding kimono symbolizing death and rebirth, that the great grandmother has kept for many years, the complicated relationships between the great grandmother and three men, Azhao, Qiu Xin and Miyagi are disclosed. The story conveys two kinds of pity in life: giving up something that should not be given up and insisting on something that should not be insisted on. The play not only is a response to the transformation in Taiwanese history but also tells stories about ordinary people affected by war.

Recent Domestic and Overseas Performances

2018 The Fairy Tale of K, tour performances in Taiwan
2018 The Voice Hunter, tour performances in Taiwan
2018 The Long Goodbye, tour performances in Taiwan
2018 Sakurako’s Choice, tour performances in Taiwan
2018 Dear Loneliness, tour performances in Taiwan

2016 Three Storytellers, Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Jiangsu


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